Monday, October 9, 2017

Generations of Red and White Quilts

While I was sewing the binding of the Red Snowflake quilt I showed you last week, I watched some You Tube videos of Mill House Creeks.  She was talking about Generation Scrap Quilts.  The concept is to take the leftover fabric of a quilt you made (first generation), and use it to make another quilt (second generation). She even made a third generation quilt.

Being interested in genealogy, I liked the idea of a generation quilt, although I'm not sure I agree with the rule of not adding additional fabric. After all, the next generation gets married, so there is fresh fabric in the mix.  This was my idea all along with this fabric, and I had already planned other quilts with the leftover fabric.

The first generation was the Red Snowflake I showed you last week.  I didn't realize there was the red row that had all the same fabrics (more red than white), but I am going to leave it that way.  Picture a dark ribbon over a present filled with little presents.

This is a second generation quilt which uses the same background and the same bandana fabric as the Red Snowflake.  There are two other reds that join the mix.

I decided I had made enough presents and decided to use these leftover blocks for a different quilt.  That probably makes these blocks a third generation.

I took the leftover scraps and blued them down in this fashion.  I'm not sure it looks like a tree. Maybe if I take the branch on the right off, it will look less like a flower.  Will see if I can add it to the trunk to make it look more like a trunk. I did finally throw away the rest of the scraps, so there is not likely to be a fifth generation.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Genealogy Fun: My Obituary

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings posts a challenge every Saturday. It is a prompt to write about something genealogy related. I usually ignore these challenges, since this blog is more about quilting and not about genealogy.  But this week, his challenge was to use a newspaper clipping generator and write an article.  I thought it would be fun to make up a tongue-in-cheek obituary.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Red Snowflake - Seven Day Mystery Quilt Reveal

As a part of Finish Fest, I have finished the Seven Day Mystery Quilt, which currently has the creative name Red Snowflake.

I enjoyed every part of making this quilt, even parts that might have been frustrating in the past.  The fabric selection was quick and easy - pick a fabric and a background.  Making the blocks was enjoyable.  Maximum of four easy blocks, with easy directions.  Putting them together was easy and fun, solving a mystery made it more interesting.  The straight line quilting with all its turns was still fun, because I was highlighting the snowflake and looking forward to the free  motion afterwards.  The free motion quilting also moved along easily. I used a generic darning foot and it worked wonderfully. I think I will be using more generic feet with this machine.  The brand name ones are crazy expensive.

Thank you Rose of Threadbare Creations, for this great mystery and pattern.

Presenting it is the hardest part. Besides the fact that it is dark and rainy outside, Blogger didn't want to accept my photos.

Future historians aren't going to know how to take this quilt. Of course they will be looking over and analyzing my work. Some of them will say, "no Shasta didn't make this; she tends to add things to simple modern quilts to make them less modern." Others will say, "yes she did make it.  See this lump? This was made before she learned how to make proper bindings."

This quilt is versatile. It fits right at home with my other modern quilts.

It fits with the Christmas quilts. 

And it fits with the red and white quilts.  I remember saying of my last small quilt finish that it was the biggest small quilt I had made. I don't remember which one that was so I can't compare, but I think this one is bigger. It crowds out the other quilts so there is no danger of it having a permanent place on the bulletin board.

I looked it up. It was the Irish chain.  I'm sure it would look good with that too!

It looks good with the Valentine's Day quilt.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Finish Fest

It's October already, and the goal for this week is to finish things.  Look at the to-do list on the calendar and put a check mark besides as many things as possible.  I must resist the temptation to add new things to the list as I check off old ones.

Wash dishes, check.
Replace burnt out light bulbs, check.

I have to admit I added those two things just so I could check them off!

I am not going to bore you with the household items on the list, but the list does include sandwiching some quilts, quilting some quilts, and binding some quilts.  Yes, each of these steps is listed for each of the quilts, so I can get lots of checkmarks! Just sandwiching quilts will be a big accomplishment in getting them ready for the next phase, and will result in less work for me to do in the future.

The sandwiching of the seven day mystery quilt is done, and quilting has commenced.  I have finished the walking foot portion - outlining all of the points, and will do some free motion work in the background areas. This is similar to what Anne Ida did. It would  have been easier to do everything by free motion, but I still get nervous with starting free motion quilting, so having a small area to do that way makes me feel better. The pink backing fabric was a leftover when I used it as a backing fabric for another quilt, and was just the right size for this quilt.

Waiting in the wings are the present boxes (front) and the Adinkra (back) quilts.  I have made enough blocks for the present boxes to make a quilt, and am deciding whether to make more blocks for a bigger quilt. I'm not sure that more will make it any better. I have leftover starters which might wind up being a separate, possibly simpler, red and white quilt.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

August Favorite Pictures

It is close to the end of the month, I thought I would show you the top 10 pictures of last month before I am officially late.  There were a lot of pictures I liked for August.  I will show you September's best pictures next month.

Two types of sedum in my yard.

 Wildflowers at the park.

Wildflowers at the park.

Field of wildflowers at the park.

This little bug came to see what we were having for lunch.

My darling Zeus.

I usually pull out the vines that grow near the air conditioner, but this passionflower is white and so pretty. The bugs approve. The passion-fruit has ripened in time to be eaten this year. Yum!

Evening walk downtown. There was a food truck festival. It was so popular that many of the food trucks ran out of food.

I like the way these leaves look like a merry go round.

Darby Creek.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

What I Did This Summer

This is actually what I did since the last time we talked, but this sounds much better, doesn't it? Lots of happenings on the High Road.  Genealogy has ruled most of the summer. Saturday, I attended a genealogy workshop at our library with Joshua Taylor, of Genealogy Roadshow.

I am borrowing photographs from other members of the family so I can make copies of them for my files. This is a big collection of photos and I got the smart idea to photograph the photos instead of scanning them. Upon viewing them today, though, I realize that my blurry photographs of blurry photographs yields even blurrier photographs, and I should really be scanning them. I am not sure I have fully recovered from Scanfest to start over again. If you recall, many years ago, I scanned all my old photographs that had people in them. I later lost them all due to a hard drive crash. I still haven't found the backup CDs (Hopefully I have them), so that might be a part of my reluctance to start over again on such a project.

I've made a couple trips to a cemetery to find some burial markers for some of my daughter's ancestors. For some reason, I didn't have photos of them on my genealogy software.  While I was there, I took pictures of the rest of the markers in the section and posted them to FindaGrave. Both times I went, I just took pictures until I ran out of battery power on the camera. They now have a feature that other people will transcribe the markers for you so you don't have to, but I went ahead and transcribed them too. I still have more family markers in other sections to find.

My UFOS aren't limited to quilts!  I finally got around to staining my porch floor. I wanted to make sure that I got it done before the leaves start falling. My neighbors leaves are already falling, so I am cutting it close! The resulting stain color is a big change from the original which you see here, and is much darker, but it is growing on me.  I really like that this project is now done. I still need to figure out how to keep sparrows from nesting on my porch. While I don't mind the idea of sharing my porch with birds, these birds are not respectful neighbors and make a big mess on my porch.

Other housework has also cropped up.  My refrigerator conked out, so I had to quickly choose a new one, which was really hard because I wanted one with the same features as my current one. I didn't find one, but I found an adequate substitute. And then finding a salesclerk who can sell it to me, empty old fridge, fill new fridge, deal with the old one in the tiny kitchen(!) until the recycling people could pick it up, etc.

There is also news on the quilting front. I really enjoyed making my red and white mystery quilt, so I thought it would be fun to make another red and white quilt. (The backing for the mystery quilt is chosen and pressed so hopefully it will reach finished stage soon).  I am basing this quilt on a picture of a finished quilt instead of a pattern, so I am sure I am making it the wrong way, but it is working out all right.  I liked the idea of tiny blocks just because tiny blocks are so cute, so I made these blocks tiny.

I know that each of these blocks should be using the same fabric in each one, but I didn't plan ahead.  I made a long rail fence before subcutting and making the big block and turned that into that first block. Then I subcut, turned the inside pieces, and pieced into the final block.  It is now an experiment to see how that affects the finished project.

I realize that this quilt requires very precise cutting and piecing. That center block is supposed to finish at half an inch. You might as well get your reservation on a galloping horse now. I hear there is a huge demand for them.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Mystery is Revealed

I had a great time following the seven day mystery from Threadbare Creations!

On day one, we got barely a morsel of a clue. Four patches. And I showed them to you with even less detail, to keep the mystery for those who wanted to follow along. I didn't do any of the homework assignments. It isn't safe for me to have cut pieces around and expect me to be able to find them later.

I chose to make mine in red and white even though she recommended blue and white, so I can build up my red and white collection. With my luck it is something that won't work in blue and white, but what could it be? Even faces can be made with purple and other colors.

On day two, we made four of these cute little blocks, and I decided that I had chosen well in following along with this mystery:

I wondered if the quilt would be put on point. On day three, we made four of these blocks, and even though it made me think we might not, I still thought it might be put on point. I liked that there would be directional movement in the quilt. Hmm, four of each. Seems like there might be a block missing. Maybe the center block.

On day four, we made four of these blocks. How adorable are these?!  They definitely will serve well as corner pieces.

On day 5, we made four of these blocks.  This isn't completely sewn, but it looks like a great cross so I wanted to show you.

One day six, we made the center block.  I also tried out some layouts.

In this layout, I put the day two pieces on the inside. Note that the airplane / sword looking pieces are facing out.

The corner pieces are also facing out.

In this layout, I alternated the day two link blocks with the sword. Day six is also the day I forgot how to follow the directions.  It made sense to have the red pieces in the corner to follow the diagonal. That center block isn't supposed to look like an H.  I decided to wait until the reveal to decide whether it was a design choice or a mistake.

On day seven, I decided I liked the plus better than the H, so I made some alterations, one side at a time. When I fixed one side, it looked like a Y.  An H and a Y for Happy!

It looks like a nice plus sign with the second alteration and the whole quilt can be pieced. Those triangle pieces all face inward, not outward. How interesting!

It looks like there are four keys leading to the center.  And four kites or four roads leading to home. Yes, I see that one of my roads is different from the others. But that is perfectly all right, because all snowflakes are different from each other.

It is a snowflake. A red snowflake!  The fabric looks great as a snowflake, because it adds a lacy effect.   I'm not sure it still looks like a snowflake in red, but I really like the design and am really happy with it.

I really liked that Rose had us strip piece so much, and we were preparing for blocks that were coming up. It is irritating when we are made to do things the hard way. When I strip piece, I usually only do one block at a time, and maybe I can think farther ahead in the future. I'm glad I did this mystery because not only did I get a beautiful quilt, I also learned something.

Thank you Rose, for a fun mystery. I will get it sandwiched and quilted before sending a quilt reveal picture.

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